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woman doing exercise routine
woman doing exercise routine

Discover a New Mantra for Wellness

Although Medical and Surgical management is an important aspect of our healthcare ecosystem, with the advent of the internet and first-hand information that it offers slowly but steadily people are exploring many other components of healthcare like physical therapy, nutrition, fitness, and mental wellness.

At Mantra2Wellness we aim at helping individuals explore different treatment approaches to manage their health by focusing not only on treatment but also on preventive care.

Our Approach

At Mantra2Wellness we work towards providing comprehensive health and wellness services, catering to a diverse range of needs including physical therapy, geriatric rehabilitation, nutrition, fitness, and corporate wellness.

red and white nescafe ceramic mug
red and white nescafe ceramic mug

Our Objective

Awareness programs and educational initiatives play a crucial role in helping people understand how to take care of their well-being. By learning together, we build a healthier community where everyone has the knowledge to lead a happier and longer life.

At Mantra2Wellness engage in several initiatives in the form of webinars, health talks, and short informative videos to create awareness among various communities regarding important aspects of Health.

Mantra2Wellness is an initiative by Amrita Hiremath, a highly skilled and passionate Physical Therapist with a remarkable journey spanning over 9 years. With specialized expertise in Orthopedics, Occupational Ergonomics, Corporate Wellness, and Geriatric Rehabilitation.

We aim to deliver a wide spectrum of services ranging from personalized Physical therapy, Geriatric Rehabilitation, and Nutritional guidance to comprehensive Fitness solutions and Corporate Wellness Programs.

a woman in a yellow shirt and black pants
a woman in a yellow shirt and black pants


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